Kids Court  

Kids Court

Reality TV runs amok in this farcical, hilarious satire, KIDS COURT. Underage plaintiffs and a jury of their (kid) peers beset beleaguered grownup defendants, while the irrepressible Judge Trudi doles out justice in front of a live studio audience. This fully-sung, 2-hour world premiere is raucous fun for audiences of all ages.


Lifetime: songs of Life and Evolution

Lifetime: Songs of Life and Evolution

Lifetime is a 90-minute oratorio which informs and excites its participants and audiences about the story of life and evolution, a critical area of science through song. Each song in the Lifetime repertoire addresses a distinct subject area along the timeline of evolution:

  • Birth Celebrates Earth's transition from dead rock to living planet.
  • Lake Explores one means of creation of biodiversity through temporary isolation of fish populations.
  • Taxonomy A musical exploration of classification of life forms.
  • Amoeba A spiky, jazzy, witty ditty from an Amoeba's view of the world.
  • Four Billon Years A moving plea for humans to take care of Earth and its life-forms.