Antiphony Casts

(soloists in italics)
March 15/17/23, 2002
(Cast X)
March 16/22/24, 2002
(Cast Y)
Principal Characters
Gaspard Lonnie Bass Garrett Murphy
Cigale Tamara Ivanovic Rachel Bronstein
Fly Robert Bass Kathy Lindsay
Worker Ant Soloists
Ambul Ant Nicholas Heal Kuffasse Boane
Irrelev Ant Simon Cohen Kati Farkas
Insignific Ant Taylor Palmer Evie Dill
Nonexist Ant Lizzy Goldsmith Adina Hemley-Bronstein
Communic Ant Patrick O'Sullivan Patrick O'Sullivan
Desc Ant Rachel Cooper Holly Sargent
Coexist Ant Nicholas Brown Nicholas Brown
Management Committee
Beetle Dom (Foreman) David Sandberg Jeff Moore
Vigil Ant Nina Krane Jennifer Dudley
Inform Ant Micheline Heal Isabel Carey
Antiperspir Ant Jeff Moore David Sandberg
Complais Ant Isabel Carey Micheline Heal
Eleph Ant Jennifer Dudley Nina Krane
Worker Queen and Her Party
Queen Antonomasia Holly Sargent Rachel Cooper
Major Domo Arrog Ant Devorah Vester Esther Brown
Attend Ant Ilana Sandberg Catarina Goncalves-Redman
Assist Ant Violet Haszonics Monica Goncalves-Redman
Discord Ant (Trumpeter) Martha Wechsler Martha Wechsler
Disson Ant (Trumpeter) Violet Haszonics Violet Haszonics
Compli Ant Catarina Goncalves-RedmanIlana Sandberg
Supplic Ant Monica Goncalves-RedmanViolet Haszonics
Sycoph Ant Esther Brown Devorah Vester
Soldier Ant Soloists
Combat Ant Indigo Dow Laura Van Melle
Reluct Ant Cheryl Moreau Sarah Murphy
Recre Ant Dan Weinreb Vidia Israel
Insubordin Ant Adam Weinreb Nicholas Commons-Miller
Defi Ant Kelsey Jack Amelia Brady-Cole
Warrior Queen and Entourage
Queen Antagonist Anne Dow Shellie Leger
Exorbit Ant Nancy Cole Nancy Cole
Extravag Ant Heather Dudley Heather Dudley
Exuber Ant Levon Schpeiser Levon Schpeiser
Ignor Ant Janie Katz-Christy Janie Katz-Christy
Luxuri Ant Estee Schpeiser Estee Schpeiser
Vari Ant Matthew Schreiner Matthew Schreiner
War Cabinet
Brigadier Beetle GeuseJason Passell Miriam Beit-Aharon
Wasp Phil Budne Leilah Feinstein
General Miscre Ant Shellie Leger Anne Dow
General Phenobar Beetle Miriam Beit-Aharon Jason Passell
General R. E. Bee Leilah Feinstein Phil Budne
Ladybug Chorus
Miss Tique Ann Marie King Christine Reif
Miss Adventure Cindy Woolworth Cindy Woolworth
Miss Behavior Christine Reif Sue Hall
Miss Conception Karen Price Karen Price
Miss Demeanor Devorah Vester Devorah Vester
Miss Ellany Sue Hall Ann Marie King
Miss Terious Ludmilla Ivanovic Ludmilla Ivanovic

War Drummer (all shows)

Indigo Dow.

War Storm Dancer (all shows)

Jordana Szpiro.

Moths and Rock and Roll Insect Dancers (all shows)

Megan Carreiro, Lauren Fleming, Michelle Fleming, Rachel Marolda, Melanie Nazareno, Lauren O'Connor, Carina Veliz.

Worker Ant Chorus Non-Soloists (March 15, 17, 23)

Jonathan Beit-Aharon, Kuffasse Boane, Rachel Bronstein, Evie Dill, Kati Farkas, Marianne Farkas, Adina Hemley-Bronstein, Ludmilla Ivanovic, Ann Marie King, Kieran Kinnare, Amy Krane, Kathy Lindsay, Robyn Lindsay, Rosemary Lindsay, Jenny Mosely, Christine Reif, Chana-Sophie Vester.

Worker Ant Chorus Non-Soloists (March 16, 22, 24)

Lonnie Bass, Jonathan Beit-Aharon, Simon Cohen, Marianne Farkas, Lizzy Goldsmith, Nicholas Heal, Ludmilla Ivanovic, Tamara Ivanovic, Ann Marie King, Kieran Kinnare, Amy Krane, Robyn Lindsay, Rosemary Lindsay, Jenny Mosely, Taylor Palmer, Christine Reif, Chana-Sophie Vester.

Soldier Ant Chorus Non-Soloists (March 15, 17, 23)

Charlotte Ames, Amelia Brady-Cole, Nicholas Commons-Miller, Sue Hall, Vidia Israel, Amanda Jack, Kyia Jones, Janie Katz-Christy, Molly Katz-Christy, Indigo Klabanoff, Varda Klabanoff, Alex Lawton, Ashley Lawton, Sarah Murphy, Stephen Murphy, Sarah Palmer, Karen Price, Isobel Schpeiser, Laura Van Melle, Cindy Woolworth.

Soldier Ant Chorus Non-Soloists (March 16, 22, 24)

Charlotte Ames, Indigo Dow, Sue Hall, Amanda Jack, Kelsey Jack, Kyia Jones, Janie Katz-Christy, Molly Katz-Christy, Indigo Klabanoff, Varda Klabanoff, Alex Lawton, Ashley Lawton, Cheryl Moreau, Stephen Murphy, Sarah Palmer, Karen Price, Isobel Schpeiser, Adam Weinreb, Dan Weinreb, Cindy Woolworth.

Cast Biographies

Charlotte Ames (Soldier Ant Colony) is a fourth grade student. She is one of the few performers to have appeared in all of the NCFOC productions to date, and has been seen as a Rebel, Stormtrooper, and Jawa in Space Opera and as a maiden in The Coronation of Esther. She enjoys Girl Scouts and Science Club, and likes to sing by herself when no one is around. She also enjoys her pet hamster, Nibbles, and would like to thank her Mom for helping her through.

David Bass (Director, Adaptation and Computer Realization) is the founder and musical director of the North Cambridge Family Opera Company. He was a prolific composer of pretentious music as a teenager, but became discouraged in college and pursued a career in chemical engineering instead. After a 20 year hiatus from musical composition, David wrote the distinctly unpretentious Space Opera for the enjoyment of his three young children, their friends, and their families. He wrote and directed The Coronation of Esther in 2001, and is currently working on its sequel. He plans to continue writing music for as long as he can avoid taking himself too seriously.

Lonnie Bass (Gaspard, Worker Ant Colony) is a 9-1/2-year-old in the fourth grade. This is Lonnie's fourth appearance with NCFOC. Her definitive performance as Jabba the Hutt in the 1999 production of Space Opera was followed by her Space Opera 2000 performance as Luke Skywalker and last year's Esther in The Coronation of Esther. Lonnie likes to dance and play violin and piano, and in her spare time (what's that?!), she enjoys writing poetry, drawing, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with her little sister and big brother.

Robert Bass (Fly, Soldier Ant Colony) is a 12-1/2-year-old in the seventh grade. Robert has been performing with NCFOC since 1999, when he premiered the role of Luke Skywalker in Space Opera. He graduated to playing Han Solo in Space Opera 2000 and played Mordechai last year in The Coronation of Esther. Robert loves playing video games and computer games as well as programming computers. He has a roomful (room full, much to his mother's chagrin) of Lego, with which he loves to create various spaceships and alien creatures. He also likes jumping on the trampoline, riding on his scooter, and playing with his little sisters (sometimes).

Jonathan Beit-Aharon (Worker Ant Colony) having miraculously recovered from NCFOC's production of The Coronation of Esther, where he was a eunuch, is ready to trade in his fuchsia duds for antennae. He is also the proud father of Miriam, Noah and Nathan. In another example of versatility, when not on stage, Jonathan is a software engineer.

Miriam Beit-Aharon (General Phenobar Beetle, Brigadier Beetle Geuse) is a 10-year-old homeschooler. This is her third performance with NCFOC. She was both a Rebel and a Stormtrooper in NCFOC's 2000 production of Space Opera, and Hegai the Eunuch in the 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther. Now, having explored 3 versions of the human condition, she is prepared to take on life as a bug.

Kuffasse Boane (Worker Ant Colony, Ambul Ant) is 9 years old and in the fourth grade. Kufasse is making her performing debut with Antiphony.

Amelia Brady-Cole (Defi Ant, Soldier Ant Colony) is 7 years old and attends the second grade. She is a lifetime Cambridge resident who is performing for the first time with NCFOC. She sings in the Longy Children's Chorale, likes to play tennis and baseball and to go ice skating.

Rachel Bronstein (Cigale, Worker Ant Colony) Rachel has always loved to sing and has been singing since she was very little, but she began her theatre work in 1994 as Linus in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. In 1996 she performed in Damn Yankees and in 1999 was a singing narrator in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. That same year she also performed in the show Rip Van Winkle. Last year she took on the leading female role in Love's Labours Lost as the Princess. This year she is in a High School performing vocal ensemble, and she wishes to continue acting and singing. Rachel is also devoted to animals, and works at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. She hopes to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Among Rachel's many activities, she is a member of the American Athletic Union Gymnastics Team. Her current project is working on forming a punk-rock band with her best friend, Leilah Feinstein.

Esther Brown (Arrog Ant-The Queen's Major Domo, Sycoph Ant) is involved in many activities, including church choir, swimming, dance, drumming, and basketball. She is 9 years old. Last year she appeared in the chorus of NCFOC's production of The Coronation of Esther. She has been in several school plays, and loves to sing and perform. Esther would like to thank her grandparents for their help, support and encouragement.

Nicholas Brown (Coexist Ant) is a 12 year old sixth grader. This is his first year performing with NCFOC. He is involved in sports, choir, dirt biking and teen groups.

Phil Budne (General Robert E. Bee, Wasp, Webmaster) recently survived turning 40. He volunteers as a Jewish Big Brother, and as webmasher for the NCFO, the Alliance for Animals cat shelter in Arlington, and two organizations in his home away from home in Washington NH, where he'd rather be, sailing his Byte dinghy. On occasion, he works as a freelance Unix wizard. Phil first sang the music of David Bass as an MIT Chorallary (despite repeated rejections by both MIT, AND the Chorallaries), and again as a chorus member in the rag-tag 1999 production of Space Opera. In 2000 he appeared as Sunday-Won Kenobi in Space Opera. Phil enjoys singing and being outside; gardening, swimming, bicycling and watching god's creatures. His latest pursuit is trying to play the Clarinet. He'd like to thank Antiphony's authors for their delightful creation, and the (oft needed) reminder that Life can be what ever you want!

Isabel Carey (Complais Ant, Inform Ant) is an eleven-year-old sixth grader who has been working with the arts since she was six, when she took her first dance class with Kristen Kissik. When she was seven, she participated in three Boston Children Operas. Other interests include drum lessons and running. She currently participates in the Longy Youth Chorale, her school's Drama Club, and the Agassiz players. She would like to thank all her friends for their support.

Megan Carreiro (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect) has been enrolled in the Deborah Mason School of Dance since she was 2 years old, where she currently takes many dance classes, a gymnastics class, and is in the Junior Company. She is in the fourth grade. Megan has doing her school musical revue for the 2nd year, and also helps volunteer at the Elderly Senior Center with her mother.

Simon Cohen (Irrelev Ant, Worker Ant Colony is currently in the fourth grade. This is his first year performing with NCFOC. He is involved in Youth Soccer (boy's under 10 team), the Select School Chorus and a musical dance group at his school. Simon would like to thank his parents and his music teachers.

Nancy Cole (Exorbit Ant) is performing for the first time in Antiphony. She plays the violin, and enjoys mysteries and gardening. Nancy works at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, where she has lived for 17 years. She has never sung before, and is looking forward to performing with NCFOC because it's a lot of fun!

Nicholas Commons-Miller (Soldier Ant Colony, Insubordin Ant) has previously appeared in NCFOC's Space Opera as a Stormtrooper and a rebel. A 12-year-old seventh grader, he is involved in Design Club and an Advanced Math class. He has received many orienteering awards, and a walking club award. Nicholas loves to sing and perform and would like to thank his family.

Rachel Cooper (Queen Antonomasia, Worker Ant Colony) developed an early interest in opera through her parents, and through a cousin from England who is now a conductor. She was in chorus throughout her school years in Gilbert and Sullivan Productions and was Louisa in The Sound of Music in high school. She began studying voice at the New England Conservatory Extension Division with Cheryl Cobb at the age of sixteen and she developed an interest in French composers, studying songs by Gabriel Faure, Hector Berlioz and Erik Satie, amongst others. More recently, Rachel has studied with Loraine Ippolito di Gregorio. She has studied arias from operas by Mozart, Puccini and Verdi as well as songs by composers such as Berlioz, Faure, Rossini and Schubert. On April 30, 1995 she gave a recital at the College Club of Boston, in which she performed songs and arias by Carissimi, Faure, Mozart, Paisiello, Puccini, Satie, Scarlatti and Schubert. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, West Africa for three years.

Evie Dill (Worker Ant Colony, Insignific Ant) is 7 1/2. She likes to sing, play violin and recorder, dance, read, write songs, and act. Past roles have included Mehuman in The Coronation of Esther, Terry the Pteradactyl in Prehistoric Pork, Nightmare Girl in Superman, Princess in The Singing Ringing Tree and a bouncing baby opposite Alan Alda in It's a Kid's World.

Anne Dow (Queen Antagonist, General Miscre Ant) is a veteran of many years singing in oratorios and cantatas with Boston's Chorus Pro Musica and the Cantata Singers, but had not sung opera since college. It took her grandson Indigo to get her involved through the 2001 NCFOC production of The Coronation of Esther in which she sang the role of the High Priest. She has now returned to choral singing, too, with the Cambridge Community Chorus. Other interests include folk music (she accompanies herself on guitar and mountain dulcimer), sea kayaking, SCUBA, cross country skiing, travel, and food. Around the edges, she develops multi-media programs to teach English in Asia - making as much use as possible of music!

Indigo Dow (Combat Ant, War Drummer, Soldier Ant Colony) is a fifth grader. He has played djembe (a Senegalese drum) since he was in diapers and often accompanies African dancing. He also plays the piano and the steel drum. As a kindergartner, he made his singing debut at Symphony Hall in a performance of Amistad under the baton of its composer, John Williams. He loves attending musical theater and was excited about getting to be on the other side of the footlights as Bizzetha in the NCFOC production of The Coronation of Esther. In addition to music, he likes video and computer games, magic, snowboarding, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling - and spicy food!

Heather Dudley (Extravag Ant) is a 10-year-old homeschooler. She has been performing in musicals and plays for five years. Two years ago she was R2D2 in NCFOC's production of Space Opera. She most recently appeared as Downy the Duckling in the New Hampshire premier of Honk! produced by Peacock Players. Other roles include Gretl in The Sound of Music at Billerica Memorial High School, Jimmie in The Miracle Worker with Arlington Friends of the Drama, Aristocrat/Peasant in Evita with Reagle Players, and Townsperson in the World Debut of David-The Musical with LCM Productions.

Jennifer Dudley (Eleph Ant, Vigil Ant) is an 11-year-old homeschooler who likes to act and sing. She started performing when she was six years old, appearing as a munchkin in Exit Stage Right's production of The Wizard of Oz. Some of her favorite activities are skiing and swimming. This is her third production with NCFOC, she appeared as Luke in the 2000 production of Space Opera and as Mehuman in The Coronation of Esther. Her latest interest is learning to play the drums.

Kati Farkas (Worker Ant Colony, Irrelev Ant) is a second grader who enjoys skating, swimming, ballet, and Brownies. Previous performing experience includes singing a solo at her school Talent Show, and singing in her Church Choir. Antiphony is Kati's NCFOC debut. She loves to sing and would like to thank her family and friends for their support.

Marianne Farkas (Worker Ant Colony) is the mother of Kati Farkas. She has performed in numerous church choirs. This is her first NCFOC performance.

Leilah Feinstein (Wasp, General R. E. Bee) began her theatre work in 1998, as Sheherazade, the narrator of Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp. She continued on to perform in a number of musicals, including Fiddler On The Roof as Hodel, Grease, playing Rizzo, Pippin, in the part of Fastrada, as well as playing Anita in West Side Story. Leilah also played Esther in last year's NCFOC production of The Coronation of Esther. In addition, she has performed as a madrigal singer in Love's Labours Lost. She was just in the production of Fosse in February. She studies drama and voice at the Riverside Theatre Works, School of Performing arts. She is currently trying to get a punk rock band off the ground with her best friend, Rachel Bronstein.

Lauren Fleming (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect) is a 6th grader. She started dance at the Deborah Mason School of dance when she was 2 years old. Lauren loves dance competitions, and has received many silver, gold and platinum medals. She is in the Junior and Senior dance companies.

Michelle Fleming (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect) in the fifth grade. She has taken many dance classes at Deborah Mason School of Dance, where she won the dance achievement award a few years ago. She also does drama club as her school, and loves dance competitions.

Lizzy Goldsmith (Nonexist Ant, Worker Ant Colony) is a 9-year-old fourth grader who likes to bike and swim. She has been in four plays before, and loves to sing. She also likes to draw, write poems, and dance. Lizzy has been taking piano and singing lessons for two years and loves it.

Catarina Goncalves-Redman (Compli Ant, Attend Ant) is performing in her first opera with NCFOC. She is in the fourth grade where she is involved in dancing, singing, drawing, writing, African dance and tennis. She has received a trophy for the best forehand in tennis. Catarina would like to thank her family and all of her friends and her third grade teacher Jenney Martin for telling her that she should be in an opera.

Monica Goncalves-Redman (Supplic Ant, Assist Ant) is a 10-year-old. Her school activities include tennis, African dance, and playing the violin. She also likes to play sports and sleep. Monica has appeared in TV commercials and some school plays. Antiphony is her first experience in performing opera.

Sue Hall (Miss Behavior, Miss Behavior, Soldier Ant Colony, Associate Choral Director) is the mom of Robert (12-1/2), Lonnie (9-1/2), and Reina (4-1/2) "I'm going to be in the opera next year, Mommy!" and the wife of NCFOC director David Bass (48). She has been a member of the chorus for the 3 previous NCFOC performances. This year, as a singing and dancing ladybug, she has had to learn how to move in ways she hasn't moved in years (if ever). Sue is the treasurer of NCFOC as well as the co-treasurer of her daughter's nursery school and the manager of her own household finances, and to her credit, none of these organizations has yet suffered Enron's fate (although, to help keep it that way, donations to any of them are gratefully accepted).

Violet Haszonics (Assist Ant, Disson Ant) is in the fourth grade. This is her second performance with NCFOC, she was in the chorus of the 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther. She enjoys playing the trumpet, drawing, reading, and participating in her church choir. Violet loves to sing and perform, and would like to thank her parents, her singing teacher and her guinea pig for the help, support, and encouragement.

Micheline Heal (Inform Ant, Complais Ant) is a 14-year-old student. She has previously appeared in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Newsies, and has sung with the Angel Chorus for four years. Her training includes 10 years of dance classes, and 1 year of acting class.

Nicholas Heal (Worker Ant Colony) is a 10-year-old fifth grader. Nicholas is making his stage debut with this performance of Antiphony. He is excited about performing with NCFOC because he can't wait to see all those grownups dressed as bugs!

Adina Hemley Bronstein (Ambul Ant, Worker Ant Colony) is a fifth grade student. Adina has been a member of the her school singing group for three years, sings with the School fifth grade chorus and is an accomplished piano player. She is currently performing as Schroeder in the fifth grade performance of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Adina participated in a hip-hop dance production in 1999. She also enjoys rock climbing, singing, reading and doing puzzles.

Vidia Israel (Soldier Ant Colony, Recre Ant) She has appeared previously in Amahl And The Night Visitors as a Shepherd, and Opera Unmet's production of Broadway Tunes, Alice and Wonderland, and The Magic Flute. At school Vidia enjoys gym, Art, Social Studies, Science, and Music - of course. She has performed and sung with Stage One in Everett, MA, Heart Light Dancing in San Diego, CA, Opera Unmet in Boston and Roxbury, MA, Beth El Jr. Chorus, The Music Program Group at Belmont Public, and The Dance Complex in Cambridge. Her dance studies include ballet, tap, belly dance, modern and Hula. She would like to thank her parents for their help, support and encouragement.

Ludmilla Ivanovic (Miss Terious, Worker Ant Colony) Dreaming all my life and still today of performing on stage full time and being paid for it! Doesn't need to be too much...just enough to be able to perform more. I grew up in an artistic surrounding, and decided to move to New York City to create my own artistic life. Faced with too much competition and too little self-esteem, I spent half my time waitressing and the other half acting. I graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse, where I studied with many wonderful teachers: dance, movement, theatre, voice. While pregnant with our first daughter Tamara, we decided to move towards a more family oriented environment and create a stage for myself wherever we go. Fate would have it that I get a chance to live out my dream (no money - but still!) and perform on stage with Tamara. I am proud to be working out of a nest where I am able to practice what I preach on a daily basis. Every morning is a new day. Thank you to all the Gods and Goddesses in my life.

Tamara Ivanovic (Cigale, Worker Ant Colony) Tamara is proudly exploring her potentials from being on a gymnastic team, to homeschooling, from performing the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker to participating at an Intensive Suzuki Music Camp at Ogontz. This year, thanks to her father, she has stopped almost all activities and dedicates most of her time to herself, her friendships, her house, her family and homework. She appeared as Esther in NCFOC's 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther. Tamara is soon entering her teens realizing she needs to work hard to get the results she dreams out, she is a Free Spirit with a lot of energy!

Amanda Jack (Soldier Ant Colony) takes advantage of any chance to get on stage - even if it is as an ant. She performed in musicals every year at High School. In Japan she directed Anne of Green Gables, Summer Lovin' - an adaptation of Grease, and was director of a kids theatre group and member of an amateur theatre group. At Harvard Extension School she took an advanced acting class with Marcus Stern. She enjoys drama, getting up with her daughter at 3, 4, and 5 am, learning the American language, knitting and unraveling the same sweater repeatedly. She would like to thank her CD player for helping her to learn her part.

Kelsey Jack (Defi Ant, Soldier Ant Colony) is appearing for the first time with NCFOC. She is a 7-year-old first grader. She enjoys playing the violin and appeared in her Kindergarten class play. A diva in training.

Kyia Jones (Soldier Ant Colony) is a 6-year-old first grader who enjoys arts and crafts. Antiphony is Kyia's performing debut.

John Kane (Libretto) has written stage plays including The Rise and Fall of Rumplestiltskin, The Scarlet Blade, Plastic Birthday,and Murder Dear Watson. Musicals and Adaptations he has worked on include The Wizard of Oz (book), Showboat (book - both for the RSC), The Impressario (translation), Time of Miracles (book and lyrics), The Nutcracker Prince (book and lyrics), and Moving On - The Music of Stephen Sondheim (Co-deviser). He has also been involved in Recitals, Presentations, a One Man Show, Television Plays and Series, and Directing, and articles and criticism published in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times and The Boston Globe.

Janie Katz-Christy (Ignor Ant, Soldier Ant Colony) is making her singing debut with NCFOC. She is an architect. She never understood the meaning of learning from children until she met her own - Molly, Nina, and Max. Janie would like to thank her husband, Sam for his support and encouragement.

Molly Talila Katz-Christy (Soldier Ant Colony) is 5-years-old. She has also performed in the Open Air Circus, and studies ballet, piano, Spanish and music. Molly would like to thank David Bass, her sister Nina and brother Max, her parents, grandparents, cousins and friends for their love and encouragement.

Ann Marie King (Miss Tique, Miss Ellany, Worker Ant Colony) is very excited to be performing again for NCFOC! Last year she played Monica in The Coronation of Esther and hopes you can all buy a copy of the CD! Most recently she appeared as one of the Boylan Sisters in Annie at Turtle Lane Playhouse in Newton. Other favorite roles include: Peg, Peg O' My Heart; Morgan leFey, Camelot; Miss Jones, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying; Philia, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; Chris, Rumors; Bianca, Taming of the Shrew; Maggie, Lend Me A Tenor; Soul Girl, Jesus Christ Superstar; Hot Box Girl, Guys and Dolls; Dinner Theater Favorites: Valentine's Day, Holidays; Gloria, Star Search; Stacy, Pot O'Gold. In her spare time she is a cantor, spokesmodel, and sings in choirs like the OYA choir that sang at Jubilee 2000 at Fenway Park. She would like to thank family, friends, especially her fiance and her father, and theatergoers for their support.

Kieran Kinnare (Worker Ant Colony) This is Kieran's third stellar season with the NCFOC. This year, in addition to his sharpshooter aim as a Stormtrooper in Space Opera, his memorable drunken stumblings in the Men's Chorus of The Coronation of Esther and method-acting brilliance as a worker ant in the current Antiphony, Kieran is yielding a hammer and screwdriver with father Tom Kinnare as a member of the stage crew.

Indigo Klabanoff (Hesit Ant) recently appeared in Arlington's All Merely Players Theater group as Old King Cole in The Trial of The Big Bad Wolf. Last summer, Indigo played Cheyenne in Peter Pan and also participated in Summer Songs at Longfellow School and played the character of Princess. She has also been a vocalist in the Praise and Prayer Band at the Cambridge First United Presbyterian Church. Indigo attends the fifth grade. She is in a choir, as part of her music class, and she is also studying violin.

Varda Klabanoff (Soldier Ant Colony) lives in North Cambridge and is performing for the first time with NCFOC. She was in a special college program for theater sturdents on "Words, Songs, and Image", at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where she majored journalism and minored in theater. Her original play "The Song That We Sing Is Beyond Them", was performed, focusing on women and their spirituality. She likes to write children's stories and is interested in healthful ways of eating and how it relates to our performance in daily life.

Amy Krane(Worker Ant Colony, Publicity) This is the first opera of any kind for chorus member Amy Krane. She was inspired to try her hand at singing by her daughter, Nina, a far more experienced opera company performer. Amy spends many hours a week plying her trade in the software industry and is happy to do something totally different for a change.

Nina Krane(Vigil Ant, Eleph Ant) age 9, is a fourth grader. She plays piano and sings, and has performed in two previous operas with NCFOC as harried C3PO in Space Opera and gentle Hagai in The Coronation of Esther. She is fond of playing with friends, reading, music, dancing, and her dog Shasta.

Alex Lawton (Soldier Ant Colony) likes to sing and is making his performing debut in Antiphony. He is in the second grade, has a yellow belt in Tae-Kwondo, and also plays the recorder, plays soccer, and enjoys math at school. He is thankful for the help, support and encouragement of his mum and dad.

Ashley Lawton (Soldier Ant Colony) is performing for the first time in Antiphony. He enjoys soccer, skiing, hiking, and running. He is President & CEO of Phylos, a biotechnology company based in Lexington. "I would like to thank Alex, my son, who is responsible for me participating with NCFOC, and his big brother, Matthew and my wife Alison who have put up with our singing practice in the car every day for the last few months.

Shellie Leger (Queen Antagonist, General Miscre Ant, Dramatic Director) appeared in last year's NCFOC production of The Coronation of Esther as Monica. She enjoys weight lifting and gardening. Shellie is having a blast singing the Warrior Queen, a woman after her own heart -- as mean as a junkyard dog, (and a little trampy!). She loves playing crazy women and dominatrices. She is the mom of Levon, Estee and Isobel Schpeiser. Her husband Matthew Schreiner gets to carry her around on a chaise lounge. How cool is that?

Kathy Lindsay (Fly, Worker Ant Colony, Costume Design and Management) Aha! at last a role where I don't have to play by the rules! None of this Master Luke needs this or King Ahashveros wants that. No instead we have FAME! We have MONEY! Morsels stolen from Royal Picnics! And clients heading to the TOP! It is true I came from humble beginnings as an engineer with two children, married to Darth Vader, but now the sky is the limit (as long as the sewing machine doesn't jam again).

Robyn Lindsay (Worker Ant Colony) is a third grader in Waltham. She loves insects, reptiles, and reading, in any combination. She has previously performed as a rebel in Space Opera 2000, and a squash in The Ugly Pumpkin. Her wish is that M&Ms were really that big.

Rosemary Lindsay (Worker Ant Colony) is a first grader. She loves ladybirds and beetles, but is not so fond of those pesky ants. She has previously performed as a rebel in Space Opera 2000. Her goal in this opera is to create a gastronomically enticing arrangement of FOOD and win the coveted factory worker of the month award.

Rachel Marolda (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect) studies dance at the Deborah Mason School of Dance.

Deborah Mason (Choreography and Dramatic Movement) is a former jazz and tap dancer, having performed extensively in the Boston and New York areas. She toured with Dance Caravan in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, and Boston. In 1975 Deborah opened the doors of the Deborah Mason School of Dance in Cambridge. Deborah has trained over five thousand students. In addition to producing several professional dancers, Deborah's expertise in training has produced the nationally recognized Deborah Mason Dancers, one of the most respected dance companies in New England. Deborah has served on the Board of Commission for the Arts in Cambridge, and is a member of the Dance Master of America, Dance Educators.

Jeffrey Moore (Antiperspir Ant, Beetle Dom-The Foreman) is a committed NCFOC participant, now appearing in his fourth production with the group. He was Darth Vader in the 1999 and 2000 productions of Space Opera, and he appeared as Memucan in the 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther. In High School he participated in choruses, plays and musicals, and at MIT he sang with the Chorallaries and a Musical Theater Guild Musical. Jeffrey's accomplishments include evolving those nifty beetle wings and he can't wait to see all those grownups dressed as bugs!

Cheryl Moreau (Soldier Ant Colony, Reluct Ant, Producer, Graphic Design, Ticket Sales, Fundraising, Program) performed in NCFOC's 2000 production of Space Opera as a Stormtrooper and the 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther in the chorus. She has worked as a volunteer in tech theatre and non-profit fundraising since high school and college and now brings her talent and experience in organizing, fundraising, graphics and administration to NCFOC.

Jeannine Mosely (Worker Ant Colony, Prop Design and Direction) is a fanatical origamist who lives in Belmont. In NCFOC's production of The Coronation of Esther, she sang with the chorus and was responsible for props, a job she has also taken on for Antiphony. From 1987 to 1994 she danced with Muddy River Morris.

Garrett Murphy (Gaspard, Soldier Ant Colony) is in the sixth grade. This is his second show with NCFOC, he appeared as Mordechai in The Coronation of Esther in 2001. He has also performed with the Boston Lyric Opera (Supernumerary, Don Carlos, and in April Garrett will be in La Boheme), The Footlight Club (Young Josh in Big - The Musical), Boston University Opera Institute (Gherardino in Gianni Schicci, The Boy in Postcard from Morocco), and Turtle Lane Playhouse, and has been a member of the chorus in Sea Revels and Christmas Revels. He has appeared in twenty Boston Children's Opera productions, and is a member of both Youth Pro Musica Boys Choir, and the Wellesley Hills Congregational Church Junior Choir. Last summer, Garrett was a tech intern on the light board at Charles River.

Sarah Murphy (Soldier Ant Colony, Reluct Ant) is a fourth grader, who in her fifth year of studying cello and her third year of singing with the Boston Children's Opera. She likes writing plays and is staging Runaway Heather and A Year in the Life of Four Great Kids and Grandma with her Neighborhood Productions. She loves Harry Potter and is an avid ball player (soccer, basketball, and baseball). She hopes to become a math teacher.

Stephen Murphy (Soldier Ant Colony) is by day a lawyer and the father of Sarah and Garrett, a full time joy. After helping with the sets in the last production, he is trying to sing this time (his first time outside of the shower). While he frequently coaches Sarah's teams and drives Garrett to his rehearsals, it is a joy and a blast to share a show with his kids.

Melanie Nazareno (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect) has been enrolled in the Deborah Mason School of Dance for four years, and currently takes 5 dance classes and is in the Junior and Senior Company, and has received the Alumni Award. She is a fifth grader. Melanie has performed in The Nutcracker for 2 years, and she has been dancing in the Philippine Dance Company for 3 years.

Lauren O'Connor (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect)is 10 years old and is in the fourth grade. She has been enrolled in the Deborah Mason School of Dance since she was 2 years old. Lauren dances 3 days a week, a few hours each time.

Patrick O'Sullivan (Communic Ant) is a homeschooler from Alpha Centauri. Patrick enjoys human music and has participated in the Handel and Haydn Youth Chorus for the past three years; has started a band with his friends; plays guitar, ukelele, harmonica and piano. Patrick enjoys skiing, board games, sleeping, pick-pocketing and robbing banks. This is his third year with NCFOC, performing in the roles of Han Solo in Space Opera 2000, Mordechai in The Coronation of Esther, and the Loudspeaker in this year's production of Antiphony.

Sarah Palmer (Soldier Ant Colony) is 6 years old and attends the first grade where she was recently in The Wheel on the School. This is her first performance with NCFOC. She enjoys gymnastics and playing the violin. She would like to thank the folks at NCFOC for letting her be part of this production.

Taylor Palmer (Insignific Ant, Worker Ant Colony) is an 8-year-old. Although this is Taylor's first opera, previous stage experience includes the fisherman in The Fisherman and His Wife and a servant in The Tale of Saint Zila. Taylor was part of the Kids Cabaret in Cambridge in 2001. Taylor takes piano lessons and studies ballet and tap at Deborah Mason School of Dance. She would like to thank all of the people at NCFOC for making the show possible.

Jason A. Passell (Brigadier Beetle Geuse, General Pheobar Beetle) lives in Lexington and enjoys ice hockey, singing in the shower, and being a parent. He has not sung since high school, where he participated in the Harvard Glee Club and appeared in Fiddler On The Roof, and as J. Pierpont Finch in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Graham Preskett (Composer and Orchestration) is a composer, arranger and musician with a Masters Degree in Classics from Cambridge and is an Associate of the Royal College of Music. Movies he has worked on include Something To Talk About with Julia Roberts, Trusting Beatrice with Irene Jacob, and Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead directed by Tom Stoppard. Television credits include the music for Frenchman's Creek with Tara Fitzgerald and Anthony Delon, and Where The Heart Is with Lesley Ash and Lesley Dunlop. He writes loads of library music (symphonic to salsa) and has arranged records for Gerry Rafferty (Baker St.), Jon Bon Jovi, Tom Jones, Kate Bush, Maria Bethania, Paul McCartney, Larry Adler (Gershwin CD) and George Martin (In My Life). He is a session musician and has also done concerts with Richard Harvey and John Williams and recently played the Albert Hall with Deep Purple. Others he has worked with include: Barbie Benton, Cher, Bootleg Beatles, Van Morrison, Meat Loaf, Moody Blues, Hans Zimmer, Manfred Mann, and Status Quo.

Karen Price (Miss Conception, Soldier Ant Colony) This is Karen's first theatrical endeavor since she fell asleep on stage in kindergarten while curled up playing a snowflake and then had to be awakened as the auditorium emptied out. After car-pooling other family members to The Coronation of Esther rehearsals last year and attending all the performances, she decided to join in the fun this year since she'd be lip-synching to all the songs anyway. When she's not lip-synching to all the songs, she struggles to pay lip service to the politics of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she teaches in the "Technology in Education" program.

Christine Reif (Miss Tique, Miss Behavior, Worker Ant Colony) Once, twice, three times and always a lady, Chris has provided that extra touch of class to her role as a female Stormtrooper in Space Opera, lady-of-the-evening Monica in The Coronation of Esther, and now as one of nature's negligent mothers, a Ladybug in Antiphony. Dull engineer by day, dramatic vocalist by night, (not-completely negligent) mother and wife throughout, Clark Kent would be proud!

David Sandberg (BeetleDom-The Foreman, Antiperspir Ant) is performing for the second year with NCFOC, having appeared as King Ahashveros in last year's production of The Coronation of Esther. "It is certainly a step down in life to go from being a king to a dung beetle. But kings don't count for much in the ant world anyway." He is a cantor in the Tremont St. Synagoge, and is involved in Training Innovations, a non-profit group doing career awareness and mentoring in the Cambridge Public Schools; and in the Margaret Fuller House food pantry. He also enjoys running (with hopes to participate in the 2002 Boston Marathon), and singing Gilbert & Sullivan. He loves being in a show with his daughter, and wants to thank his wife and other daughter for letting him participate in this production.

Ilana Sandberg (Attend Ant, Supplic Ant) appeared in the chorus in the 2001 NCFOC production of The Coronation of Esther. She is a second grader, and enjoys ice skating, swimming, art and gymnastics. Ilana has performed previously at the Arts All Day summer camp. She is excited to have a solo in Antiphony and would like to thank David Bass for giving her this opportunity.

Holly Sargent (Queen Antonomasia, Worker Ant Colony) studied voice and dance "a long time ago". More recently she has settled for choral singing with St. John's Episcopal Church in Arlington. Having done many roles in college and in community theater over two decades ago, she is happy to be "crawling" out of retirement to be the worker queen. Holly is the Mom of fellow ants Taylor and Sarah Palmer and spends her days playing the role of Sr. Associate Dean at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Estee Schpeiser (Luxuri Ant) is a 10-year-old fifth grader. She loves Harry Potter, all animals indigenous to Australia, and shopping at the Burlington Mall! She would like to go to Colby College in Maine, because that is where she is from, and study Zoology. She was Queen Esther's attendant in last year's NCFOC production of The Coronation of Esther.

Isobel Schpeiser (Soldier Ant Colony) is a 6-year-old student. This is her first year performing with NCFOC. She in involved in gymnastics and loves to sing and perform, and wants to be a movie star when she grows up!

Levon Schpeiser (Exuber Ant) is appearing for the first time with NCFOC. He is in the seventh grade; Levon loves comedy, Medieval history and sports trivia, and is on the Honor Roll at school. He would like to thank his rabbit Pabloreo for all his help with this show.

Matthew Schreiner (Vari Ant) Absolutely no acting experience since a minor part in camp at the age of twelve. But I couldn't resist an opportunity to carry the bad queen around the stage. Plus, she's my wife.

Dale Senechal (Technical Director, Scenic and Lighting Director) has been the Technical Director for NCFOC since 1999, responsible for overseeing and implementing all technical aspects of company productions. Prior to that he has been Technical Director for the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, the Opera Company of Boston, and Wellesley College Theatre. He was Scenic Designer/Master Carpenter for Turtle Lane Players, and Master Carpenter at the Castle Hill Festival.

Elizabeth R. Stone (Makeup Designer) user to play with her mother's makeup, and this is what it led to. She also does makeup and facepainting for the MOTley Morris team, the MIT Community Players, the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players, North Shore Community Players, and anyone else who asks nicely. She last appeared in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, with the MIT Community Players.

Jordana Szpiro (War Storm Dancer) is a practicing podiatrist in Cambridge. She was born in Southern California, went to podiatry school in San Francisco and did her residency in New York City before moving to the Boston area a year and a half ago. She currently takes dance classes at the Deborah Mason School of Dance after a 10 year hiatus from the dance world.

Laura Van Melle (Soldier Ant Colony, Combat Ant), age 10 is in the fifth grade. This is her first performance with NCFOC. She has played a Puppeteer in Midnight at the Art Museum and Peppermint Patty in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown with the Peabody Players. She also played Mrs. Twit in The Twits directed by Shellie Leger and performed by the Peabody Afterschool Program. Laura studies drama, gymnastics, and she plays piano and recorder. She wants to thank her mom, dad, and brother Marc for their support and encouragement.

Carina Veliz (Moth & Rock and Roll Insect) lives attends the fourth grade where she is an honor roll student. She has been enrolled in the Deborah Mason School of Dance since she was 5 years old. Carina also takes swimming lessons and keeps busy with homework.

Chana-Sophie Vester (Worker Ant Colony) sang in the women's chorus in NCFOC's production of The Coronation of Esther. She is in the second grade. She enjoys all kinds of art, writing, dance, music and photography. Chana rides horses and enjoys skiing and swimming as well as singing in her after-school choir.

Devorah Vester (Arrog Ant, Miss Demeanor, Sycoph Ant) This is Devorah's first year performing with NCFOC. For unknown reasons, she never pursued a theatre career after her childhood debut in Peter Pan and Oliver. She is a dancer, cyclist, swimmer and skier. Devorah would like to thank her delicious daughter for encouraging her to raise her voice with her!

Martha Wechsler (Discord Ant, Trumpeter) is in the fourth grade. Last year she performed in the chorus of The Coronation of Esther. At school, she enjoys trumpet playing and volunteering with special needs students. Martha enjoys the people in the opera company and would like to thank her parents and her trumpet teachers.

Adam Weinreb (Insubordin Ant, War Drummer, Soldier Ant Colony) Adam performed in North Cambridge Family Opera's 2000 production of Space Opera as Stormtrooper 3, in the Stormtrooper chorus, and in the Jawa chorus. He also appeared as Bizzetha and in the Men's chorus in NCFOC's 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther. Adam is a fourth grade student, and studies African drumming. He loves to build with Legos, has a keen interest in science, classic musical comedy, and video and computer games.

Daniel Weinreb (Soldier Ant Colony, Recre Ant, Associate Producer, Associate Choral Director) performed in NCFOC's 2000 production of Space Opera as General Dodonna and in the Rebel Chorus and the Alien Chorus. He also appeared in the chorus of NCFOC's 2001 production of The Coronation of Esther. Dan works as a software engineer and is interested in music and composition. He has participated in the opera search committee at NCFOC and was instrumental in bringing Antiphony to realization.

Cindy Woolworth (Miss Adventure, Soldier Ant Colony) has been involved with NCFOC since its inception, and is appearing for the fourth time with this group. She enjoys playing with kids but still having her "alone" time. One of her claims to fame is wearing a Halloween costume to work every year since 1989.