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Performed at the North Cambridge All Arts Open Studios Weekend , May 1, 1999.

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Act I

Scene 1: On a Rebel blockade runner

[photo] Princess Leia (Cara Yara) gives the Death-Star plans to R2-D2 (Sarah Perlmutter) in “Dear Obi-Wan”

Scene 3: In the desert on Tatooine

Stormtroopers in “Vader's Orders” [photo]
[photo] R2-D2 (Sarah Perlmutter), and C-3P0 (Kathy Lindsay) look on while
Luke (Robert Bass) sings “Destiny” after seeing Princess Leia's recording

Scene 4: Mos Eisley Spaceport Cantina

Roger Frymire as Chewbacca [photo]

Listen to Obi-Wan (Paul Raila), Chewbacca, and Han Solo (Jake Yara) in “At the Spaceport” and “I'm the Best”

Jabba the Hutt (Lonnie Bass) and Han Solo in “The Little Chat” [photo]


Hear Lonnie and the Chorus of Aliens in “Jabba Jive”

Act II

Scene 3: A corridor on the Death Star

Obi-Wan (Paul Raila) and Darth Vader (Jeff Moore) in “Waiting for Obi-Wan” [photo]

Scene 5: The Rebel Base on Yavin 4

[photo] Composer David Bass directing “The Battle of Yavin 4, Part I”


(in order of appearance)
Princess Leia Organa Cara Yara
RD-D2 Sarah Perlmutter
C-3PO Kathy Lindsay
Darth Vader Jeff Moore
Luke Skywalker Robert Bass
Obi-Wan Kenobi Paul Raila
Chewbacca Roger Frymire
Han Solo Jake Yara
Jabba the Hutt (Act I) Lonnie Bass
Jabba the Hutt (Act II) Zack Brandon
General Dodonna Dale Senechal

Chorus of Rebels, Jawas, Stormtroopers and Aliens;

Charlotte Ames, Lonnie Bass, Michael Brandon, Zack Brandon*, David Browne, Phil Budne, Nina DeLuca, Bob Eggers, Jillian Eggers*, Chad Green*, Sue Hall, Mara Laurie, Sonia Laurie, Peter Moriarty, Dale Senechal, Deborah Silverstein, Cindy Woolworth

* soloists