March 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th 2005

Music and Libretto by David Bass
Dramatic Direction by Amanda Jack
Choreography by Deborah Mason

SPACE OPERA, written in 1998 by Cambridge Massachusetts composer David Bass, is based on a familiar science fiction tale of heroes and villains, robots and aliens, unlikely adventures and supernatural nonsense. This light-hearted, musically sophisticated opera draws on a variety of popular and classical styles appeals audiences of all ages. Performances were 2pm and 7pm on Saturday, March 12th and 19th and 2pm on Sunday, March 13th and 20th, 2005 at the King Open School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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All photographs © Jon Chomitz

Show 6, Kathy Lindsay as Leia, Tess Carney as Rebel 2, Sarah Schnebly as C-3PO, Mirabel Winston as R2-D2 plus Rebels.

Show 4 Jawas, including (from left) front row: Linda Chin Workman, Cynthia Cepeda, Lucy Farnsworth, Sophia Gottlieb, Charlotte Barton, Kyia Jones, Nancy Chomitz; back row: Melanie Hedlund, Mary Wixted plus Bronwyn Murray-Bozeman as C-3PO, Reina Bass as R2-D2

Show 6, Noah Beit-Aharon as Darth Vader plus Stormtroopers

Show 6, Mirabel Winston as R2-D2, Sarah Schnebly as C-3PO, Nathaniel Burket as Luke, plus Sandpeople

Show 6, Kathy Lindsay as Leia, Nathaniel Burket as Luke, Sarah Schnebly as C-3PO, Mirabel Winston as R2-D2, Gabe Leibowitz as Obi-Wan

Show 6, Nathaniel Burket as Luke, Gabe Leibowitz as Obi-Wan, Phil Budne as Han

Show 4, Ann Marie King as Jabba the Hutt, thugs: Mike Nakagawa, Chris Colbath-Hess, Craig Burket, Cheryl O'Connor, plus Aliens

Show 4, Ian Morse as Chewbacca, Anna Lee Hirschi as Luke, Lonnie Bass as Han

Show 6, Phil Budne as Han, Cheryl Moreau as Stormtrooper 15, Dan Weinreb as Chewbacca, Nathaniel Burket as Luke, Kathy Lindsay as Leia (with hair dryer!) plus Rebel prisoners

Show 6, Gabe Leibowitz as Obi-Wan, Noah Beit-Aharon as Darth Vader, plus Stormtroopers

Show 6, Noah Beit-Aharon as Vader, Phil Budne as Han, Dan Weinreb as Chewbacca, Mirabel Winston as R2-D2, Nathaniel Burket as Luke

Show 6, Julia Burket as Jabba, Sarah Schnebly as C-3PO, Phil Budne as Han, Gabe Leibowitz as Obi-Wan, Kathy Lindsay as Leia, David Bass, Nathaniel Burket as Luke, Noah Beit-Aharon as Vader, Dan Weinreb as Chewbacca, Mirabel Winston as R2-D2, Rob Carney as Uncle Owen, plus chorus

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