Thanks for your interest in auditioning for a principal role in Space Opera 2005. We would like you to prepare to sing a particular song for each role you are auditioning for, and I'll hear you sing it at your audition (we will probably be taking a video of you singing it as well, just so that we can remind ourselves of what you sounded like). For each role you are auditioning for, please download the following files:

  1. a .pdf (Acrobat reader) file for the sheet music for the audition song
  2. an mp3 of the audition song as sung in a live performance (which may differ slightly from the sheet music, as live performances often do); and
  3. an mp3 of the instrumental accompaniment for the audition song,
Role Song Sheet music Live MP3 Orchestra MP3
C-3PO Oh Dear pdf mp3 mp3
Chewbacca Prisoner's Lament pdf mp3 mp3
Han I'm the Best pdf mp3 mp3
Jabba Jabba Jive pdf (in Bb) mp3 (in F) mp3 (in F)
mp3 (in G)
Leia Dear Obi-Wan pdf mp3 mp3
Luke Tatooine pdf mp3 mp3
Obi-Wan Anakin pdf mp3 (in E-min) mp3 (in D-min)
mp3 (in E-min)
R2-D2 In the Wilderness pdf mp3 mp3
Vader Interrogation pdf mp3 mp3

For Obi-Wan's and Jabba's songs, the accompaniments are provided in 2 keys. Download them both and practice with whatever fits your range better. Please note that the sheet music for Jabba is in B-flat, while the accompaniments are in F and G (the song was originally written for a high baritone, but later was deemed better sung by a child alto). I don't anticipate that this will be a real problem for anyone, but let me know if it is.

Alternatively, you can obtain from us the sheet music and an audio CD. Ask for details when you sign up for your audition.

[Note from David and Sue: If you have trouble reading the text when you print from the pdf files, try checking "Print as Image"]