CD Previews

The 2002 North American premier production of "Antiphony" by the North Cambridge Family Opera Company was performed by two different casts. We have recorded and created a CD for each cast, and these CDs are now available for purchase. The MP3 recordings below allow you to preview the entire opera at modest fidelity.

Act I

1. Overture

Moths dancing in the moonlight.

Scene 1

Centipede Central Station

2. Morning

The opera opens at Centipede Central Station, a depot for the commuter rail to Ant Colony Junction. Worker ants somberly greet each other and complain of the monotony of their lives. Their despair deepens when the train is canceled, and they are forced to walk.

3. I've Got a Song

Two minstrel grasshoppers, Gaspard and Cigale, serenade the ants with a tune so joyful and catchy that the ants are soon cheerfully singing along. The ants all dance merrily off to work, but no one donates even one coin to the grasshoppers.

4. Disaster

The Foreman (a Dung Beetle) and the other middle managers are distressed by the absence of the workers.

5. Morning Baroque

When the Worker Queen arrives with her entourage to inspect the work force, they are dismayed by the indifference to the royal family implied by the absence of the Queen's subjects. Just then, the worker ants arrive, still singing happily, and begin to work. The Foreman orders them to be silent.

6. We've Got a Song

The workers toil in silence, but the Worker Queen decides to overrule the Foreman, and she allows the workers to sing. Productivity skyrockets, and the workers ask that Gaspard and Cigale be retained to provide continued inspiration. The Queen hires the grasshoppers at a modest wage.

7. Fly on the Wall

These events have been observed silently by a Fly on the wall, who believes the grasshoppers' motivational talents could be marketed lucratively to the neighboring Warrior Ant Colony.

8. Our Heart Isn't in It

The Soldier Ants are well trained but cowardly.

9. She's a Queen

The army's timidity frustrates their ill-tempered Warrior Queen and her War Cabinet, a collection of old fogies which includes a Stag Beetle (the Brigadier) and a Wasp. The Fly suggests hiring Gaspard and Cigale away from the Worker Ant Colony to motivate the troops. The Queen agrees to pay top dollar for the grasshoppers' services, but the Queen warns she can do anything she wants, including having the Fly's head.

10. It's a Fun-Filled Life

Meanwhile, the mood at the Worker Ant Colony is idyllic, as the singing workers serenely work their abdominal body segments off.

11. You and Me Make One

Gaspard and Cigale sing of love and contentment. The Foreman announces that more than enough food has been stockpiled for the winter ahead. The Worker Queen releases the workers from their tasks and declares National Grasshopper Day. All the worker ants and the managers celebrate.

Act II

12. Prelude to Act II

Scene 5

Outside the Worker Factory

13. Fame

The Fly tries to recruit Gaspard and Cigale to the Warrior Ant Colony, offering riches instead of just gratitude.

14. We Love You

Gaspard is intrigued, but Cigale is repulsed by the Fly's proposal and runs off with Gaspard's violin in an effort to keep him from going. The Fly brings out a group of flirtatious ladybugs, led by the alluring Miss Tique, who seduce Gaspard into signing the Fly's contract.

15. Interview

The Fly introduces Gaspard to the War Cabinet, and the grasshopper sings for them a gentle song of contentment and peace. The Brigadier and Wasp, who were expecting Gaspard to incite violence instead, are furious and eject Gaspard and the Fly.

16. Disaster II

The War Cabinet is terrified of the Warrior Queen's reaction, and they concoct excuses to save their own necks.

17. We Want War

While the War Cabinet makes their excuses to the Warrior Queen, the Fly reappears to introduce Gaspard, now in black leather with an electric guitar, backed up by the ladybugs dressed as punks. Gaspard sings of savagery and hatred, and the soldier ants are worked into a war frenzy, to the delight of the Warrior Queen.

18. Hardly At All

Cigale, still clutching Gaspard's violin, sings of missing him.

19. Disaster III

The Worker Queen comforts Cigale. The royal entourage bursts in to announce that soldiers from the Warrior Ant Colony are attacking the Worker Ant Colony.

20. Hardly At All II

Cigale resolves to find Gaspard and dissuade him from helping in the attack.

21. Luxury's Lap

Gaspard, the Fly, and the ladybugs are now very wealthy and enjoying all of life's fineries.

22. Bye, Fly

The War Cabinet, although pleased with Gaspard and the ladybugs, see the Fly as a parasite and expel him from the Warrior Ant Colony.

23. We Want War II

Cigale enters and tries to convince Gaspard not to incite violence with his music, but the Warrior Queen has Cigale arrested and threatens to do away with Cigale unless Gaspard continues to inspire mayhem. The soldier ants march off to war.

24. Superior Force

As her soldiers lay siege to the Worker Ant Colony, the Warrior Queen demands all of the Worker Colony's stores. The Worker Queen offers to share, but not surrender, their abundance. This offer intrigues the soldiers, but the Warrior Queen rejects all compromise and orders an attack. The soldiers begin to lose their nerve, and the Warrior Queen commands Gaspard to motivate them. Fearing for Cigale's safety, Gaspard complies, but suddenly Cigale appears beside the Worker Queen. The Fly has freed Cigale out of vengeance.

25. Give Life a Chance

Cigale throws Gaspard his violin, and he sings a positive, uplifting song which inspires peace and harmony among all the ants.