Antiphony 2013 Cast Performance Schedule

As of Saturday, February 09, 2013 16:27:36

Antiphony Performance Dates and Times

Show 1 Saturday, March 16 at 3:00pm
Show 2 Saturday, March 16 at 7:00pm
Show 3 Sunday, March 17 at 1:00pm
Show 4 Sunday, March 17 at 5:00pm
Show 5 Saturday, March 23 at 3:00pm
Show 6 Saturday, March 23 at 7:00pm
Show 7 Sunday, March 24 at 1:00pm
Show 8 Sunday, March 24 at 5:00pm


Cast Members' Performances and Solos

(for example, 2457 means Show 2, Show 4, Show 5, and Show 7 above)

Cast Member Chorus Shows
Solo Role
Andy Adler Soldier Ant 1368  
Ben Adler Soldier Ant 1368  
Chloe Adler Lead Soloist 1368 Fly
Emma Adler Worker Ant 1368 Celebr Ant
Gal Agam Worker Ant 2457  
Hadar Agam Worker Ant 2457  
Yuval Agam Lead Soloist 2457 Gaspard, a singing grasshopper
Jessica Avery Soldier Ant, Moth 2457  
Finn Bamber Worker Queen's Party 2457 Assist Ant
Avani Banerji Worker Ant 1368 Nonexist Ant
Heather Barney Worker Ant, Ladybug 2457  
Anat Beck-Nachtigal Worker Ant, Ladybug 2457  
Susan Bellows Worker Queen's Party 2457  
Eva Beram Soldier Ant 1368 Noncombat Ant
Jeff Bigler Soldier Ant 2457  
Laura Bigler Soldier Ant 2457 Noncombat Ant
Clio Bildman Worker Queen's Party, Moth 1368 Assist Ant
Eli Bildman Lead Soloist 1368 Gaspard, a singing grasshopper
Mark Bildman Worker Queen's Party 1368 Attend Ant
Leonid Blickstein Worker Ant 2457  
Sharon Bober Worker Ant, Ladybug 1368  
Eloise Botka Worker Ant 1368 Celebr Ant
Imogene Botka Worker Ant 1368 Irrelev Ant
Kerri Brann Soldier Ant, Ladybug 1368  
Charlotte Brann-Singer Soldier Ant, Moth 1368 Miscre Ant
Craig Burket Soldier Ant 2457  
Claire Caldicott Soldier Ant, Moth 2457 Miscre Ant
Hanna Carney Lead Soloist 1368 Cigale, a singing grasshopper
Rob Carney Worker Queen's Party 1368  
Tess Carney Lead Soloist 1368 Worker Queen Antonomasia
Sophie Cash Lead Soloist 2457 Soldier Queen Antagonist
Jean Cummings Management Committee 2457 Celebr Ant
Chris Cuttitta Worker Ant 1368  
Lisa Danielyan Soldier Ant 2457 Recre Ant
Polina Danielyan Soldier Ant 2457 Hesit Ant
Molly Day Management Committee 1368 Foreman Beetle Dom
Carmen DeBenedictis War Cabinet 1368 Wasp
Josie Dickman Worker Ant 1368  
Madeleine Dickman Soldier Ant, Moth 1368 Noncombat Ant
Abbe Cohen Dvornik Worker Ant 2457  
Katarina Dvornik Worker Ant, Moth 2457 Obedi Ant
Chris Edel Management Committee 2457  
Kathryn Fernandopulle Worker Queen's Party 1368 Ambul Ant
Nina Fischer Soldier Ant, Ladybug 1368  
Joey Fox Worker Queen's Party 2457 Attend Ant
Sophie Fischer Frank War Cabinet 1368 Miscre Ant
Jackson Fried Lead Soloist 2457 Fly
Jeff Fried War Cabinet 2457  
Linnea Fried War Cabinet 2457  
Heather Friedman Soldier Ant 2457  
Francesca Gamio-Legnani Worker Queen's Party, Moth 1368  
Meredith Gast Worker Ant, Moth 2457  
Laura Gill Soldier Ant, Ladybug 2457 Insubordin Ant
Bennett Gillig Worker Ant 1368  
Grace Gillig Worker Ant 1368  
Dina Gorelik Worker Ant 2457 Insignific Ant
Lena Gorelik Worker Ant, Ladybug 2457  
Shayla Gottlieb Soldier Ant, Moth 1368 Recre Ant
Aviva Gould Soldier Ant 1368 Recre Ant
Tom Gould Soldier Ant 1368  
Sue Hall War Cabinet 2457  
Aytan Hamill Soldier Ant 1368  
Katie Hamill Worker Ant, Ladybug 1368  
Tom Hamill Soldier Ant 1368  
Evie Hartenstein Soldier Ant, Ladybug 2457 Noncombat Ant
Ruth Hertzman-Miller Management Committee, Ladybug 2457 Communic Ant
Sue Holcomb Lead Soloist 2457 Worker Queen Antonomasia
Erica Jaquith Lead Soloist 1368 Soldier Queen Antagonist
Abby Jarcho Management Committee 2457 Celebr Ant
John Jarcho Management Committee 2457  
Giulia Johnson Soldier Ant 2457  
Luca Johnson Soldier Ant 2457 Insubordin Ant
Molly Katz-Christy Worker Queen's Party 1368 Arrog Ant
Margaleet Katzenblickstein Worker Ant 2457 Desc Ant
Cooper Kelley Soldier Ant 1368 Reluct Ant
Hope Kelley Soldier Ant 1368  
Robbie Kelley Management Committee 1368 Inform Ant
Addie Kelsey Worker Ant, Moth 1368 Irrit Ant
Jennifer Kennedy Worker Ant 138  
John Kernochan War Cabinet 2457  
Pam Klein Soldier Ant 1368  
Jacob Klibaner Worker Ant 1368 Communic Ant
Joe Klompus Soldier Ant 138  
Julian Bellows Knight Worker Queen's Party 2457 Arrog Ant
Kerry Kokkinogenis Worker Ant 2457  
Rhea Kokkinogenis Worker Ant, Moth 2457 Recalcitr Ant
Solana Kokkinogenis Worker Ant, Moth 2457 Resist Ant
Maggie LaMaster Ladybug 1368  
Maggie LaMaster Soldier Ant 2457 Recre Ant
Bill Laskin Soldier Ant 1368  
Isabel Laskin Soldier Ant, Moth 1368  
Nicole Legnani Worker Queen's Party 1368  
Maia Levitt Soldier Ant 1368 Defi Ant
Coco Lheritier Worker Ant 2457 Redund Ant
Laurent Lheritier Worker Ant 2457  
Kathy Lindsay Management Committee, Ladybug 1368  
Grazia Lolla Soldier Ant 2457  
Spencer Love Worker Ant 1368  
Dara Manoach Management Committee 1368  
Marin Manoach Management Committee 1368 Redund Ant
Glenn McElhoe War Cabinet 2457 Brigadier Beetle Geuse
Nicole McElhoe War Cabinet 2457 Wasp
Dan McKanan Worker Ant 1368  
Oriana McKanan Worker Ant 1368 Recalcitr Ant
Tammy McKanan Worker Ant 1368  
Alec McKinney War Cabinet 1368  
Casey McKinney War Cabinet 368  
Julie McKinney Soldier Ant, Moth 1368  
Riley McKinney Soldier Ant, Moth 1368 Insubordin Ant
Margery Meadow Worker Ant, Ladybug 2457  
Anya Miller Worker Ant 1368  
Lonnie Miller Management Committee, Moth 2457 Vigil Ant
Sarah Miller Management Committee 2457 Inform Ant
Barbara Miranda Soldier Ant 2457  
Jeff Moore Management Committee 1368  
Ian Morse War Cabinet 1368 Brigadier Beetle Geuse
Jenny Mosely Worker Ant 2457  
Julie Mottl-Santiago Worker Ant 1368  
Lia Nachtigal Worker Ant 2457  
Kailash Nakagawa Soldier Ant 1368 Reluct Ant
Mike Nakagawa Worker Ant 138  
Maggie Needham Soldier Ant, Moth 2457 Hesit Ant
Poppy Needham Soldier Ant, Moth 2457 Defi Ant
Joshua Nolan Management Committee 1368 Vigil Ant
Fiona O'Loughlin Soldier Ant 1368 Insubordin Ant
Liz Robbins War Cabinet 1368  
Eoin Rogers Soldier Ant 1368  
Henry Rogers Soldier Ant 1368  
Ruth Rogers Soldier Ant, Moth 1368  
Diane Roseman Management Committee 2457  
Alexa Rowe Worker Ant 2457 Ambul Ant
Amy Rowe Worker Ant, Ladybug 2457 Miss Tique, a dragonfly
Margaret Rowe Worker Ant, Moth 2457  
Sam Rowe Soldier Ant 2457 Reluct Ant
Tim Rowe Worker Ant 2457  
Miranda Santiago Worker Ant 1368 Resist Ant
Tricia Saxler Soldier Ant 1368  
Coco Sequeira Worker Ant 1368  
Emily Sequeira Worker Ant 1368  
Paloma Sequeira Worker Ant 1368 Insignific Ant
Isabella Shee Soldier Ant, Moth 2457 Defi Ant
Kaley Sheehan Ladybug 1368  
Kaley Sheehan Soldier Ant 2457 Reluct Ant
Iris Smith-d'Agincourt Management Committee 1368  
David Spitz Worker Ant 2457  
Ella Spitz Worker Ant 2457 Irrelev Ant
Sara St. Antoine Worker Ant 1368  
Julia Teller Worker Ant 2457 Nonexist Ant
Sophia Teller Lead Soloist 2457 Cigale, a singing grasshopper
Persis Thorndike Management Committee, Moth 1368  
Talis Thorndike Love Worker Ant 1368 Communic Ant
Ariadne Valsamis Soldier Ant 1368  
Laura van Melle Worker Ant 1368 Desc Ant
Sara Verrilli Worker Ant, Moth 2457  
Julie Viens Soldier Ant, Ladybug 1368 Miss Tique, a dragonfly
John Wheeler Soldier Ant 2457  
Rowan Wheeler Management Committee 2457 Foreman Beetle Dom
Caroline Williams Soldier Ant 1368 Hesit Ant
Suzan Wolpow-Gill Soldier Ant 2457  
Rachel Zimmerman Worker Ant, Ladybug 2457