King Open Directions

The King Open School (formerly Harrington) is at 850 Cambridge St (between Inman and Lechmere Squares), Cambridge, Mass, at the corner of Cambridge and Willow Streets (Google Map).

Public transportation to the King Open school:

The King Open School is a 15 minute walk from Lechmere station, and a 10 minute walk from Inman square.

Take any of:

  • Green Line to Lechmere, then take the #69 bus toward Harvard Square (or walk 15 minutes down Cambridge Street)
  • Red Line or any bus to Harvard Square and change to the #69 bus (Holyoke Gate) toward Lechmere
  • #85 bus from Kendall Square to Cambridge Street, then walk 5 minutes toward Lechmere)
  • #83 bus or #91 bus to Inman Square, then take the #69 bus toward Lechmere (or walk 10 minutes down Cambridge Street)

MBTA Bus Maps/Schedules: