What We Do

Family Opera, Inc. was incorporated in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with a mission of producing and promoting opera performances for family audiences with intergenerational casts. We perform under the name of "North Cambridge Family Opera (NCFO)." Our specific activities include:

  • One family opera productions each spring, with 6-8 full performances of each opera.
  • One science oratorio production, with 3 performances as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.
  • Ad hoc performance of selections from NCFO opera and oratorio productions at school assemblies, arts festivals, etc.
  • Performances, presentations and workshops for the public and in local schools by visiting composers and librettists whose works NCFO are performing.
  • Providing professional individual vocal, drama, and dance instruction to participants of family opera productions.
  • Making video recordings of NCFO opera productions and audio recordings of science oratorio performances, as mementos for the cast and for promotional purposes.
  • Encouraging, advising, and collaborating with other composers, musicians, and librettists interested in creating new family operas and science oratorios, or adapting existing works, for NCFO productions.
  • Preparation of materials to support NCFOC opera productions, including costumes, programs, sets, props, promotional T-shirts, MIDI generated accompaniment and practice CDs.
  • Making our materials, documentation, and original opera and oratorio compositions available to share with other organizations interested in performing any works that NCFO has previously produced.