Chris Edel

Chris Edel (Technical Director, Set Designer) began singing with the NCFO Science Festival Chorus in 2007 and started volunteering to help with set construction for The Puzzle Jigs in 2008. Over the years he was inspired by working with set designers Dale Senechal and Peter Watson and seeing how simple wood and paint could be used to create different moods and transport an audience to exotic locations. He started designing sets by creating small pieces beginning with Rain Dance in 2014; building set pieces for the scenes taking place on our stage extension for Springtime for Haman in 2017; and his first design for a full show with Weedpatch in 2018. Being a cast member offers a great opportunity to understand exactly what the show needs and to make changes as rehearsals progress. He also enjoys teaching volunteers the craft skills needed in preparing the sets for each performance.

Chris makes his living as a violin restorer working for a leading international violin dealer. In his work he does detailed restorations of historically significant instruments that often take months of full time work to complete. (Sometimes he fixes regular fiddles, too!)