2007 Kids Court

by David Bass and John Kane



Choreography by Deborah Mason
March 24-April 1, 2007


photo by Daniel Bass

Reality TV runs amok in this farcical, hilarious satire, KIDS COURT. Underage plaintiffs and a jury of their (kid) peers beset beleaguered grownup defendants, while the irrepressible Judge Trudi doles out justice in front of a live studio audience. This fully-sung, 2-hour world premiere is raucous fun for audiences of all ages.

Performances of our 2007 production Kids Court were on March 24th, March 25th, March 31st and April 1st, at the King Open School, 850 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Kids Court is a reality TV show where kids can bring charges against the adults in their lives for perceived injustices. Presiding is the irrepressible Judge Trudi, who is adored by the court Security Guards, led by sergeant-at arms Donovan. While the Security Guards have the unenviable task of maintaining order in a courtroom full of excited children, the Stagehands take care of all of the technical aspects of the TV production, including the ads, under the direction of the Floor Manager (FM) and his Production Assistant (PA). Of course Kids Court would be nothing without the kids who are lucky enough to be on TV for this production.

After the jury has been selected from this pool of kids, the case of Fairlawn v. Fairlawn is heard. Plaintiffs G. and H. Fairlawn are suing their Stepmother for neglect and abandonment. The Plaintiff Attorney presents the children’s case first. In Kids Court, evidence is presented by way of re-enactment of events, so the plaintiffs testify by acting out what happened with a hired actress, Barbara Strother, playing the role of their stepmother.

The stepmother and her Defense Attorney then act out their side of the story with the plaintiffs played by hired actors (Johnny and Britney) and Agnes Patterson as herself. When the verdict is reached, justice prevails, an Agent hands out book deals, and most importantly, the Nielson ratings go through the roof.

Detailed Synopsis with video clips

Cast 1368: Act One
Cast 1368: Act Two

Cast 2457: Act One
Cast 2457: Act Two

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