Ruth Hertzman-Miller

NCFO Science Festival Chorus Songs by Ruth Hertzman-Miller

 Ruth Hertzman-Miller

Ruth Hertzman-Miller is a Boston-area
physician and musician who has studied
composition with John Stewart at Harvard,
John Morrison at Longy, and Stephen Savage
at New England Conservatory. She performs
regularly with NCFO and was last seen as
an a cappella singing droid in the 2019
production of Space Opera.

  • The Ballad of Michelson and Morley (lyrics by Meg Muckenhoupt*, world premiere, 2015: A Little Light Music and 2016: Giants of Science) – American physicists Albert Michelson and Edwin Morley set out to detect the substance through which light flows, but their elegant experiments found no evidence of "aether" at all. Negative results can be earthshaking as well, and in 1907 Michelson became the first American scientist to win a Nobel Prize.
    [2016 performance audio / 2016 performance video / demo]
    [2015 Broad performance audio / 2015 Peabody performance audio / 2015 performance video]
  • Hurricane (lyrics by Meg Muckenhoupt*, world premiere, 2017: Singin' of the Rain) – Meteorologists have excellent models to predict the strength and movement of hurricanes, but the data necessary to run the models can only be obtained by aircraft flying into the hurricane itself.
    [performance audio / performance with slide show / demo]
  • Peanut Man (lyrics by Joanna Brown**, world premiere, 2016: Giants of Science) - A bluegrass-folk fusion song paying tribute to American botanist and inventor George Washington Carver (c1861-1943), who researched and promoted alternative crops to cotton, such as peanuts and sweet potatoes, helping poor farmers provide their own food and other products to improve their quality of life.
    [performance audio / performance video / demo]
  • Space Time-Out (lyrics by Meg Muckenhoupt*, world premiere, 2019: One Whole Step) – If a spacecraft were to make a round-trip voyage at very nearly the speed of light, significantly less time will have elapsed on the ship than back home on Earth. Space Time-Out includes quotations by Albert Einstein and Brian Greene and a musical quotation by Mozart.
    [performance audio / performance with slide show / demo]
  • Topsy Turvy Vision (lyrics by Meg Muckenhoupt*, 2020: Vision) –
    [virtual performance audio / virtual performance video with lyricsdemo]


 Meg Muckenhoupt

*Meg Muckenhoupt works for OpenBiome
in Cambridge. She is widely published, but she
feels her finest work was “Horton Sees a Pluto,”
which appeared in the Annals of Improbable
Research. Remember, a planet’s a planet no
matter how small. She is delighted to hear her
lyrics debut in this year’s Cambridge Science


 Joanna Brown

**Joanna Brown is a physician and writer living in
Providence, Rhode Island. Her poetry has appeared or
is forthcoming in the chapbook 2 Horatio, Topography
and Bird’s Thumb. While peanut allergic herself,
she’s delighted to be a part of a science festival that
celebrates the “Peanut Man” and other great scientists.