Our Mission

The North Cambridge Family Opera Company began as an informal group of children and adults who gathered to perform at the NoCa (North Cambridge) all arts open studios weekend in May 1999. We found the experience of singing opera to be a unique way to strengthen families, to build friendships, and to enhance relationships between generations.
Our mission is to provide children and adults the opportunity to experience and enjoy telling stories through song, by performing operas and oratorios that are

  • sung throughout (few spoken lines, if any);
  • based on stories appealing to children (both boys and girls), as well as adults; and
  • musically accessible to children, but sophisticated enough to appeal to adults as well.

Casts and crews comprise both children and adults, with participation by multiple family members encouraged. Both children and adults are cast in solo roles. Multiple casting ensures that anyone capable of singing a solo role is given an opportunity to do so. Roles of various difficulty are assigned based on the ability and experience of the singer, so that everyone is challenged, but no one is set up to fail. All shows include a large role for the chorus, so that everyone has ample opportunity to sing. To the extent possible, productions are financed through donations and volunteerism. We seek to minimize fees on performers and admission so that financial considerations will not prevent families from participating in a production or attending a performance.